Ipswich! We have the pleasure of your company for a few days more.

Having planned a little extra time here for the folks at Windboats to do some warranty work on Nova, they’ve been digging into an engine issue. With characteristic thoroughness, they won’t let us go until it is fully resolved.

Sailing always needs room for flexible plans, so we’re being flexible and making the most of the extra time to see friends, eat nice food, see the sights, and – in Jonathan’s case – to pretend he’s arrived in Hull: he will hop on a train to join Chrome Media who have lined up a fascinating mix of interviews for the podcast series that is accompanying our voyage. That’s on top of some national interviews which are now likely to include Trinity House and a government minister!

We’re not yet sure what we can learn from all this except to enjoy where we are and assume that’s where we are meant to be – in this case Ipswich.

We hope to get underway again by next weekend, and should have caught up with our schedule by the time we reach Edinburgh at the end of May.

Photo: Thunderstorms today at Orwell bridge, near Fox’s Marina



On our passage ‘Around These Islands’ Anne is writing about each trip, and Jonathan is writing some more ‘technical’ blogs, from our perspective as ordinary cruising sailors. We are sharing what we’ve learned, and welcome your thoughts too. Please remember that this blog – and your comments – are public.

There’s also a special focus on 12 key ports on our planned route, with articles from These Islands and a series of podcasts from Chrome Media called ‘Around These Islands in 12 Ports’.


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