Once Storm Hannah had subsided, we left Dover for a short (3 hour) evening sail to Ramsgate on Sunday.  Leaving and entering Dover harbour (the second busiest passenger port in the world) is an experience.  To leave, we first radioed the port control for permission to enter the small channel leading from the marina.  We then waited for permission to enter the harbour and were instructed to motor along the sea wall inside the harbour and wait until a large container ship had been moved about by two tugs in a kind of strange dance, and a huge ferry had entered the port.  

Dancing tugs

We then slipped out, followed by a ferry who was instructed to ‘follow the yacht out of the harbour’.  The port control staff are friendly and professional, whether dealing with the captain of a vessel from anywhere in the world, or the crew of a small yacht: very impressive.  

The weather was remarkably peaceful after the previous days’ strong winds and we sailed (and then motored) gently along under the white cliffs, past Deal, Sandwich and on into Ramsgate.

  • Distance 18NM: 3 hours
  • Wind: NE 2-3