We left Portsmouth early on Easter Tuesday morning, heading out round Selsey Bill under motor, as there was very little wind.  Because it was calm, we were able to go through the Looe Channel, closer in to the headland than the alternative route round the Owers shoal.  Then along the coast, a couple of miles off the land, watching landmarks pass – the huge Butlins ‘tent’ at Bognor Regis, a wind farm, with regimented rows of turbines looming out of the hazy sunshine.  Then the start of chalky cliffs as we approached Brighton and finally the long pier with its funfair and the new tall i360 tower.  A peaceful journey and we arrived early afternoon, in time to walk into Brighton and see the Royal Pavilion, a strangely exotic building in the middle of a British seaside town.

We also have to declare a stowaway!  As I pulled my sailing jacket out of the cupboard, a bear jumped out.  Bob is a veteran of many sailing voyages and other journeys and came to see us off at the weekend, with Jonathan’s cousin (Bob’s human).  Clearly he decided this was a trip he didn’t want to miss.  Look out for Bob – he might be quite good at getting himself photographed in strange places.

  • Nautical miles travelled: 40 NM (7 hours under motor, we sailed briefly)
  • Wind E1-2