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Round Britain and Ireland 2019

12 Ports: Holyhead

Aboard Nova, it was just a day-sail (albeit a long one) from Dublin to Holyhead, following the ferry route. Rounding the vast breakwater we found an intriguing place. Sometimes bleak, often beautiful with cliffs and wildlife, Holyhead fascinated us. We wondered: What has made this place? And what does the future hold?

Article – Gateway to Ireland

In his article, journalist and local author Iolo Griffiths charts the course of Holyhead’s history, from import of stone axes in 2000BC to the present day. Why did the Romans build a coastguard station here? Who was Prince Caswallon? Why is there a Marble Arch just like the one in London? Who said Holyhead has the worst ale in the world? It’s all here.

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Podcast – Around These Islands in 12 Ports

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Photos and impressions

From Nova’s sickly voyage across the Irish Sea, to our arrival and stay in the remains of Holyhead’s marina, you can see it all here on Facebook.

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