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Round Britain and Ireland 2019

12 Ports: Falmouth

Rounding the Lizard en route to Falmouth we sailed close to several huge tankers at anchor – incredibly – in waters 80m deep. These days ships coming from the west stop here to tank up with low-sulpher fuel before heading up the Channel. Then on we went past the castles on either side of the entrance at Pendennis and St Mawes, where friends waved us into the familiar and sheltered waters of Falmouth harbour.

Article – Wild Promise of the Western Ocean

In his article, award-winning author Philip Marsden tells the story of this strategic port. At various times strategic, lawless, entrepreneurial, spiritual, and artistic, Falmouth has a patchwork history as fascinating as any we come across on our journey.

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Podcast – Around These Islands in 12 Ports

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Photos and impressions

You can watch Nova’s passage round the Lizard and into Falmouth here on our Facebook page, and an image of ‘Britain’s coolest pub’ on Instagram, where you’ll also find the Daily Sky.

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