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Round Britain and Ireland 2019

12 Ports: Dundee

In our brief visit we found a city and its people with the confidence to stake a claim for ‘design’ as a creative and entrepreneurial focus. Its authenticity was reflected in its historic industries, colourful and talented graffiti on the street corners, and by the extension to the city’s memorable tag-line: “Jute, Jam, Journalism… and Joysticks!”

Article – Comings and goings

“As spring turns to summer and warming air cools on the North Sea waters, the cover of Haar brings you into the Tay estuary… We will be waiting on the blurred north shoreline as you emerge” writes Michael Marra to these anticlockwise circumnavigators.

His inspiring and challenging article beautifully conveys Dundee’s past, present, and a future that hangs in the balance.

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Podcast – Around These Islands in 12 Ports

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Photos and impressions

Much more than the V&A: Here are a few impressions from Nova’s brief but inspiring visit to Dundee on Facebook

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