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Round Britain and Ireland 2019

12 Ports: Bristol

Arriving at Avonmouth we turned sharply into the river, unfurled the ‘Code Zero’ – our biggest sail, and wafted gently up the steep-sided Avon Gorge on the last of the high tide, as ships have done for centuries. Feeling rather small, yacht Nova passed through the lock and two swing bridges (bringing Bristol’s traffic to a halt). Now in the famous Floating Harbour, we continued past Brunel’s great ship before tying up at the Waterfront, in the very heart of the city.

Article – Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

In his article, Tim Bryan tells the story of Bristol’s port from its origins in trade with Ireland, through years of fame in exploration, infamy at the heart of the slave trade, the relocation of the big-ship port, and finally the C20th regeneration of the city’s docks as it became the hub of creativity and enterprise it is today.

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Podcast – Around These Islands in 12 Ports

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Photos and impressions

You see images of Nova’s arrival in Bristol here on our Facebook page, and an image of one of Bristol’s most famous residents on Instagram, where you’ll also find the Daily Sky.

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