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Round Britain and Ireland 2019

12 Ports: Belfast

Belfast Lough is flanked by hills – I’d forgotten that. We headed straight for the unmistakable cranes that mark the city. For the moment we ignored the havens of Bangor on the south shore and Carrickfergus to the north, and motored up the Victoria Channel. Finally we reached the famous slipways where sister ships Olympic and Titanic were built and launched. Just beyond, we turned into the Abercorn Basin and tied up, lucky to find a space. We were right at the heart of the Titanic Quarter.

Article – Titanic Harbour

In his article, award-winning author Alf McCreary explores how a mud-locked inlet, which seemed to lack the raw materials for success, turned into one of the world’s great ship-building ports and one of the greatest cities in the British Isles. How will Belfast fare in the post-Brexit world? With hard work, courage and ingenuity, he claims. The Harbour Board plans to create 10,500 jobs and help boost Northern Ireland’s economy.

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Podcast – Around These Islands in 12 Ports

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Photos and impressions

You can see images from the remarkable Titanic Hotel here on our Facebook page, a view of the Titanic Centre from our berth nearby, a reluctant glimpse of tension with the controversy of bonfires and murals, a protest at the shipyard, an historic image of seaplanes on Twitter, and a #DailySky image inspired by the proud claim that Belfast is completely bonkers.

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